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Distinguished Honorees

The U.S. Air, Space, and Missile Defense Distinguished Civilian Wall of Fame honors past members of the organizations dedicated to support the United States efforts in air, space, and missile defense.

This wall honors selected civil servants who made a significant engineering, scientific, technical, analytical, management, or administrative contribution to the research, development, test, and evaluation of missile defense and space technologies or systems. Selected civil servants must also have maintained a high level of commitment to the Nation’s missile defense and space missions.

The Air, Space, and Missile Defense Association (ASMDA) is proud to sponsor this U.S. Air, Space, and Missile Defense Distinguished Civilian Wall of Fame. New members are nominated and selected every other year.

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Sara L. Bruce

Ms. Bruce held various supervisory budget and program analyst positions during her tenure with the organization until her retirement from the Systems Technology Project Office in August 1979.

Read more: Sara L. Bruce

C. E. Richardson, Jr.

Charles E. Richardson was assigned as Deputy Commander of the Ballistic Missile Defense Systems Command on 10 Oct 75.

Read more: C. E. Richardson, Jr.

Paul O. Phillips

Mr. Paul Phillips was associated with Ballistic Missile Defense Systems Command (formerly SAFEGUARD, SENTINEL, NIKE-X, and NIKE ZEUS) since 1959 when he joined the Army Rocket and Guided Missile Agency, Redstone Arsenal, Alabama.

Read more: Paul O. Phillips

Dr. Julian Davidson

Dr. Julian Davidson spent over 16 years in the ballistic missile defense program for the U.S. Government with increasing levels of responsibility culminating as the deputy ballistic missile defense program manager.

Read more: Dr. Julian Davidson

William F. Graves

During the period of January 1963 to February 1972, Mr. William F. Graves served as Chief of the Missiles and Warhead Branch, Development Engineering Division, Research, Development, Test and Evaluation Directorate.

Read more: William F. Graves

William O. Turney

Mr. William O. Turney served as the Chief, Contracts Office, U.S. Army SAFEGUARD System Command, during the period of July 1968 to April 1973.

Read more: William O. Turney

Dr. William O. Davies

Throughout his 20 year government career, Dr. William Davies received numerous awards for his exceptional performance. He was the author of more than 50 publications in the fields of chemical physics, reentry physics, space flight, and strategic technology.

Read more: Dr. William O. Davies

Cecil Dale (Rich) Richardson

As Director of the Systems Technology Project Office for the Army’s Ballistic Missile Defense Systems Command in Huntsville, Mr. Richardson managed an Army antiballistic missile development program involving hundreds of millions of dollars and employing 130 people.

Read more: Cecil Dale (Rich) Richardson