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The Air, Space, and Missile Defense Association was formed in 1995 in Huntsville, Alabama as a non-profit, non-political educational and scientific organization.


The mission of the Air, Space, and Missile Defense Association is to promote the security of our Nation by providing programs and support for activities that contribute to the advancement of a common understanding of the vital importance of air, space, and missile defense systems to our national future.


Air, Space, and Missile Defense Association is a non-profit, charitable, and private foundation organized and operated under Internal Revenue Service Section 501(c)3 as beneficial to the public interest exclusively for educational and charitable purposes.


  • To foster communications and relationships between government activities with responsibilities for or interests in air, space, and missile defense; local government organizations; and local industries
  • To provide an industry forum, which can be utilized for organizing and promoting areas of common interest
  • To provide an effective single point of broad industry and government contact
  • To provide an organization which can benefit the missile defense industry professionally and foster community and civic interests and goals