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Space Defense Professionals Receive Recognition

Members of the Space and Missile Defense Command received awards recognizing their work during the Air, Space and Missile Defense Association 27th annual membership luncheon May 13.

ASMDA presented achievement and service excellence awards in the air, space and missile defense fields to not only SMDC members, but other local government and contractor employees as well.

Jimmy Jenkins, the new ASMDA president, thanked those who attended.

“After a difficult pandemic, I am pleased and honored to be in-person and present for our annual awards luncheon,” Jenkins said. “These awards honor both government and industry technical service accomplishments and recognize exceptional achievement contributing to the development, test and deployment of air, space and missile defense.”

Lt. Gen. Daniel Karbler, SMDC commander, was the guest speaker at the ASMDA luncheon and recognized SMDC awardees.

“All the SMDC awardees, thanks for what you’re doing. It’s good to see your hard work come to fruition,” Karbler said.

ASMDA presented 18 awards, with two being from 2020 due to the pandemic. Five awards went to SMDC members.

The Technical Achievement awards in the Government Individual category went to SMDC’s Col. Todd Book and Maj. Jason DeLange.

Shanda Robinson with SMDC received the Service Excellence award in the Government Individual category.

“It is an absolute honor to receive the ASMDA award,” Robinson, the chief of financial management with the Technical Center, said. “For me, particularly navigating the last couple of years, the ASMDA award came at the most opportune time and was the affirmation I needed to let me know I’m on the right track in my career and doing what is expected supporting Technical Center.  This award is also a testament to the Technical Center and command’s commitment to the ‘people first’ mission.”

Ed Cotton and Kevin Creekmore, both with SMDC, also received the Service Excellence award in the Government Individual category.

“Being recognized for the award was not expected in any way, and I very much appreciate my supervisors considered submitting me for it,” said Cotton, an analyst with the Space and Missile Defense Center of Excellence. “Receiving the award says more about the quality of the people I have the pleasure to work with than anything I have personally accomplished.”

Creekmore, director, Test Directorate, Technical Center, said the award is a great honor.

“It was great to be recognized for the outstanding work performed by the SMDC Test Directorate. Providing targets and test execution services for missile defense and advanced hypersonic systems to verify new warfighter capability is always challenging but also very rewarding,” Creekmore said.

The Integrated Fires Mission Command Cyber Team received the 2020 Technical Achievement award in the Team category.

The 2021 Technical Achievement awards in the Team category went to the Missile Defense Agency’s Targets and Countermeasures Subscale Program Office Team, the Joint Missile Defense Agency and Intelligence Community Modeling Team, and the Defense of Guam Architecture Study Team (multiple agencies).

Michael Durham with the Missile Defense Agency, Christopher Sanders with the Missile and Space Intelligence Center and Dan Mitchell with the Marshall Space Flight Center all received the Technical Achievement award in the Government Individual category.

The Service Excellence award in the Team category went to the Missile Defense Agency At Sea Demonstration/Formidable Shield Flight Test Team.

Bradley Chassee and Alex von Spakovsky with the Missile Defense Agency received the Service Excellence award in the Government Individual category.

Emily Cantrell with Headquarters Department of the Army’s Rapid Capabilities and Critical Technologies Office also received the Service Excellence Award in the Government Individual category.

2021 Air, Space, and Missile Defense Association Accomplishments


  • Awarded twelve scholarships for 9-11 years old to attend Space Camp in July at the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama. Due to COVID restrictions last year, children for Alaska or Kwajalein were not eligible so winners from those locations were presented with Space Camp backpacks and other gear. We expect a full class of 16 for this year to include children from Alaska and Kwajalein. 
  • Awarded $16,000 in College Scholarships:
  • Awarded three $4,000 academic scholarships from the ASMDA “Loretta Spencer” College and University Scholarship program on 10 August 2021 as part of the Space and Missile Defense Symposium.
  • Awarded the General Dodgen Memorial Academic Scholarship valued at $4,000 on 10 August 2021 as part of the Space and Missile Defense Symposium.
  • Presented sixteen Space and Missile Defense Technical Achievement and Service Excellence Awards for both Government and contractor employees in recognition of exceptional achievement in the development, test, and deployment of air, space, and missile defense systems during the ASMDA Annual Membership Luncheon on 23 February 2017.
  • Named X individuals to the Space and Missile Defense Distinguished Civilians Wall of Honor located in the Davidson Center at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center.
  • Co-sponsored (with NDIA and ADA) the 20th Space and Missile Defense Symposium, Huntsville, Alabama, 10-12 August 2021.
  • Provided over $2,500 during 2021 to support community veteran efforts to include Gold Star Shadow Boxes, Huntsville’s Veterans Day Parade band participation, and Wreaths for Veterans.
      Provided a set of Army Blues to SMDC’s NCO and Soldier participants in the Best Warrior Competition.
  • Updated organization website

Best Warrior Competition


Every year ASMDA sponsors SMDC’s participation in the Best Warrior Competition, honoring the winners in the Soldier and NCO categories.  To do this, ASMDA provides each winner with a gift certificate for a set of Army Blues.

“I am reaching out to sincerely thank you for the generous gift. I am appreciative of the opportunity I had to travel to Colorado to compete in the SMDC competition. I am also humbled by the recognition and generosity provided by you and the ASMDA. I hope to represent the space and missile defense community to the best of my ability as I continue in the Best Warrior Competition. Thank you for your time and consideration.” 2021 Soldier Winner from Alpha Company, 53d Signal Battalion (SATCON)”

ASMDA is proud to support Space and Missile Defense Command’s (SMDC’s) Best Warrior Competition and our the warfighter.

Disclaimer - “ASMDA is a private organization that is not endorsed by the U.S. Government, it’s Departments, or Agencies.”




Gold Star Service Banner Presentation Thank You

Vets awards 6 Gold Star family of David Robert Kink2  Vets awards 7 Gold Star family of Carl M. Eubanks2
October 22, 2020
Today, General Daly presented two families, both from the Vietnam era, a Gold Star Banner in a  shadow box on behalf of the Veterans Coalition (NAVFOC). As has been the case for the past 12 years, the shadow boxes were built by R.C. Reville with the support of ASMDA.  There is a small plaque on the back of each which reads:  “Handcrafted by R.C. Reville, Lt Col, USAF (Ret.) and presented on behalf of ASMDA – 11 November 2020.”  An email from one of the Gold Star Banner recipients, Julie Kink, whose brother David was killed in Vietnam on 3 August 1969 is shared below:  
Sent: Thursday, October 22, 2020
Subject: Gold Star Service Banner Presentation Thank You
To ... all ... involved in the presentation of the Gold Star Service Banner (please forward if I have missed anyone):
What an extraordinary week! . . . The presentation to me of a beautiful shadow box with a Gold Star Service Banner embroidered with my brother David Kink’s name . . . the emotional dedication ceremony for our Gold Star Families Memorial Monument, attended by an estimated 600+ Gold Star families and supporters. 
My feeling is difficult to describe. It’s the sensation of being lifted up, and at the same time, anchored fast by a community whose devotion to honoring our military members and our precious fallen runs deep.  
I am especially proud to know that 51 years after losing his life to the war in Vietnam, my 19-year-old brother David is still remembered and honored. 
The sun has set six times on the Monument that binds all of us who were part of this extraordinary week, in this extraordinary place. There will be more Gold Star families who will find comfort in the Monument, and who will be honored with a Gold Star Service Banner. They will know that those they loved and lost will always be remembered, thanks to your devotion and your kindness.
I am so grateful. Never forget.
sister of Warrant Officer David Robert Kink
C Troop 1/9th Cavalry June to July 1969
Killed in Action August 3, 1969